BusJets is Unique on the Market

Chartering a business jet is expensive. Finding the right partner is a hassle. BusJets makes it cheaper and better.
The first to transform business aviation in an effective & affordable collaborative transportation model:

Free online access
Free online access
Discounted listed flights inventory
Discounted listed flights inventory
Sharing & reselling features
Sharing & reselling features
Shuttles for Events and Groups
Shuttles for Events and Groups

The first marketplace to offer:

Individual travelers access to discounted deals on empty seats

Special Events partners scheduled flights

Traditional chartering capabilities improvements

The only Online Search-to-Book System with unused seats automated reselling features

The sole booking system with real worldwide distribution based on alliances with strategic air operators & brokers and channel partners

With BusJets you can fly in TWO ways

Bus Mode

Bus Mode

Browse our offers of empty available seats on chartered jets and:

SAVE You fly cheaper and spend less time in boarding and getting to the airport.

PLAN You can plan ahead and get notified when your destination is made available.

GROUP You can group requests to share the cost of a full jet and just pay for your seat.

Jet Mode

Jet Mode

Book your jet as you normally do but this time you can:

PLAN AHEAD AND AUTOMATE Your trips directly on our system. No broker to call, no questions asked.

SHARE Your available seats to lower the overall price of your jet flight.

RESTRICT Keep your trip confidential and make your shared seats only available to members of your company.

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Book one seat not a full jet

Chartering an 8-seat aircraft for only 4 passengers is over: pay just for your seats and save on traditional full jet booking.

BusJets is free to use and is unique in delivering special discounted deals on empty seats.

BusJets distributes a global inventory and has a worldwide presence via its affiliate and channel partners.

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Grouped jets

Share jets to popular worldwide events.

Group order a jet using our automated booking system.

Use our social relays to gather the necessary people to join the flight and make it fly.

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Lower expenses

Mutualize your spend by sharing the overall cost of your trip.

Pay less for an empty leg scheduled flight.

Reduce the cost of your jet by sharing your cabin and reselling your unused seats.

Pay only for the number of seats you need.

Book just your seat, share your jet, lower your travel spend, close your deals faster.

Reduce costs

Charter a jet, share your cabin and resell the empty seats, or just buy an empty seat on offer. BusJets is free: no annual fee, no hidden costs.

Fly faster and closer

Business airports are closer to cities and business centers than commercial airports. Boarding a jet is also faster.

Special events

Our system schedules jets for worldwide events that are made available as empty seat deals.

Grouped orders

Share the cost of a full jet by grouping your seats requests.

Private and confidential

Keep your business confidential. Restrict your empty seats to company members.


Use our trip planner to automate your bookings, no need to call a broker to get a quote.

Share and connect

Sharing jets can benefit your business and help making connections.

Stressless comfort

Remove much of the travel stress by flying jets. Prepare your meetings in a relaxed environment.

BusJets makes jets affordable to all

Leisure or business traveler, no matter... We can seat you all!

It would be crazy to travel alone and charter a jet. It would be a pity not doing it considering the sum of advantages. By introducing jet booking per seat, Busjets is changing the story. Either you are a busy business traveler or an hurried leisure one, we believe you can share the same cabin. And the savings.

Close your deals faster

Choose jets

With prices per seat lower than commercial airplanes you can now afford to fly jets and close your deals faster.

Discounted offers

BusJets brings unbeatable prices on the market on empty seats and grouped jets.

Closer to your door

Chances are that your meeting is closer to a jet airport

Fast boarding

Save time when boarding your jet

Your employees’ business trips made efficient, with a clear ROI.


Real time availabilities & prices with no need to register makes the ROI easy to evaluate.

Fly cheaper

Booking our empty seats, empty legs or sharing aircrafts make traveling by jet cheaper than booking the full cabin.

Booking tools

Reports and open-booking tools integration are automatically generated with administrative control over your profiles

Faster door to door business

Closer aiports, faster boading times facilitates business trips for your employees and lowers costs


Your bookings via our online system. Receive alerts when your jet is ready to board. No need to contact a broker by phone.


Use our system to book your seats or jets confidentially

Corporate Shuttles

Either you are a multisite organization or have recurring travel needs, jets can be shared and be made available to your employees only.


Work on board and prepare your important meetings in a more relaxed way.

Jet on demand. Seats on offer

Book a Jet

Connect via our booking interface to our local airline professionnals to arrange your flights requirements.


Follow the status of your requests from booking to confirmed in your secured and dedicated account.

Book only a seat

Make an online seat(s) reservation on a jet, and pay just the price per seat.

We Tap into your booking tools

BusJets will be available shortly as a connector for expense management tools such as Concur Triplink.

You save when purchasing just the necessary seats.


You can put back on offer the unoccupied remaining seats to cut costs for your trip.

Corporate Shuttles

In our platform your jets will be listed to your employees only.


Business Aviation, Aviation for Business

Go to your meeting, sign the deal and… Come back to work.

Business Jets are misused: their current customers are some CxOs of the world and happy few - good for them – but they are not the only ones who should use this unparalleled transportation mode. By far. Millions of corporate travelers, all over the world, would benefit from flying business aviation.
Millions of companies would develop their business activities and footprints. Millions of customers should check their vendors’ pledges.
Billions of working hours could be saved and better used. Busjets is dedicated to the corporate world. Time to come on board.

Gain access to new opportunities, new contacts and do new business

Create opportunities

Use our marketplace to create new routes and reach new customers.

Add jets to your porfolio

Be ready to respond to growing demand for alternate means of transportation.

Better business options for your customers

Help your customers work better in better conditions.

Reach a broader audience.

Your offers published on our system will be visbile worldwide.

Increase revenue

Booking jets will enlarge your portfolio with value added solutions based on higher prices and will boost your turnover.

Try and schedule

Use our grouping feature to analyze demand on new routes and schedule new flights.

Reach a new market

Add Jets to your travel options

Connect to BusJets to get access to new business opportunities. Jet travel is a rapidly growing market, don’t miss the bus.


Plan ahead and share a jet to a popular business event

Connect to BusJets, create a new grouped jet for a special event to attend, and let your business network do the rest.

Because BusJets helps lowering the costs of flying jets by making them available as seats, it is very easy to share and fill jets.

Your offer appears instantly on our system to a broad worldwide audience.

Fill in and fly all your aircrafts, deal with new customers

Fly your jets more often

Whether they are empty seats, transient or grounded, they can be made available on our marketplace.

Optimize cabin occupancy

An empty seat sold increases your revenue per flight.

Propose new solutions

Combine experience with our data intelligence reports to optimize your offers.

Publish your offers on our platform

Make them available to all on a worldwide scale and benefit from our distribution channel.

Routes optimization

Global distribution will help you reaching new customer opportunities and give you new tools to optimize routes.

Join a growing network

Have your flights globally distributed on the web, on our apps and through our Channel Partners.

Corporate tool integration

Integration with Self Booking Tools and Global Distribution Systems will change your business’ distribution. Forever.

Sign new contracts with corporations

In-depth connection with the corporate world will open up new contract opportunities.

Increase customer base

Seat selling, integration with distribution tools added to group ordering will drive your business to the mass market, not only business travellers.

Broader access to your aircrafts

Thousands of corporate and leisure travelers will now have access to your aircrafts.

Low fares on transactions

Transparent commission plan based on a % taken on transactions carried out.

Publish, distribute

Load your flight inventories & your routes… They will be broadly available

BusJets supplies its partnering aircraft operators back office tools and APIs to load their inventories. Listed flights – full cabins or seats – are then distributed to a large audience, from corporate travelers to leisure individuals.

BusJets’ unique distribution network helps organize connections between business aviation professionals and corporations, Travel Management Companies and travel agents, via their online booking tools, integrated systems and BusJets proprietary tools.

BusJets’ extended distribution, collaborative and automated features allow its partnering Aircraft Operators to dramatically increase their market presence and address the global mass market.